Telluride, Colorado…

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, every trip into Telluride’s high country provides a different kind of adventure, each with elements of exquisite beauty.

Telluride is a beautiful town located in San Miguel County in southwest Colorado.  The town is situated in a box-canyon, and is surrounded by cliffs and mountains.  In the past, the area was home to many mining operations.  Today, Telluride is widely known for its ski slopes and ski resort, and the town is a popular tourist destination in the winter.  San Juan Outdoor Adventures is the go-to spot in the Telluride area for both winter and summer season outdoor adventures.

Tourism in Telluride, Colorado

While winter is its most popular season, Telluride is commonly known now as a resort with activities for all seasons.  In the winter, tourists flock to the Telluride Ski resort; while in the summer, Telluride becomes a hot spot for outdoor recreation.  In the warmer weather, Telluride tourists can partake in many different activities, such as hiking, sight-seeing, river rafting, via ferrata, and mountain biking.  Tourism and activities in the town are promoted by the Telluride Tourism Board.

Telluride is home to over thirty different hiking trails.  There is a wide variety of difficulty levels for tourists to choose from, with some trails boasting an elevation of over 14,000 feet.  The hiking season for Telluride starts in May and concludes in early October.  In addition to hiking trails, Telluride also features endurance events.  In July, Telluride hosts an event called The Hardrock 100, while in September the town hosts an event called The Fall Tilt, which is a mountain biking event.

Telluride in Pop Culture

Telluride, Colorado is a popular destination for celebrities and their vacation homes.  Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, and Ralph Lauren own property in the area; and Kurt Russell, Amy Adams, and Ariana Grande have all stopped by Telluride for a visit in recent years.

There have also been quite a few movies that have been filmed in the Telluride area.  Daring Companion, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Prestige were all filmed in Telluride.  Also, principal photography was done for The Hateful Eight movie near Telluride in 2014.

Other Great Telluride Companies