Discover the Beauty
of Telluride on Foot.

Hiking in Telluride

Hiking around Telluride’s beautiful San Juan Mountains is the quintessential wilderness adventure. You’ll walk through exquisite high alpine basins blanketed in wildflowers a midst high summits and crystal clear streams. We design an outing that suits your needs, from gentle walks to power hikes. Our expert naturalist guides will teach you about the natural and cultural history of the Telluride area while providing you with a fun and comfortable mountain adventure.

Couple Hiking in Early Spring in Telluride Colorado

We have teamed up with Life Feeling Photography, a U.S. Forest Service fully-permitted adventure photographer. Contact Matt Kroll at so you can go home with professional photos of your Telluride adventure.

Bear Creek Canyon
Cross Mountain Trail
Cornet Creek
Deep Creek Trail
Lizard Head Trail
Lena Basin
Ice Lakes Basin
Sneffels Highline Trail
Swamp Canyon
Wasatch Trail
Waterfall Canyon
Wilson Mesa Trail

Half-day – Full Day
Beginner – Advanced

Poles, Natural & Cultural History

All Ages

Amazing Views

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Full-day Hiking Adventure

$140.00 per/person [4+ clients] $165.00 per/person [2-3 clients] $325.00 [single client]

Our full-day adventures are the best way to explore Telluride’s backcountry. You will get the chance to travel deep into the wilderness of the San Juan Mountains and explore hidden trails, mountain passes and deep valleys and picnic by a trickling stream in a field full of wildflowers.

Half-day Hiking Adventure

$125.00 per/person [4+ clients]
per/person [ 2-3 clients]
[ single client ]

The best way to acclimatize to Telluride’s high altitude environment is to join us for a half-day hike. Available in the morning or the afternoon, we will take you into one of our region’s most beautiful areas for a short walk. Telluride’s proximity to beautiful mountains enables you to experience wild places and still be back in town for a café lunch.

Half-day Family Hiking Adventures

$100.00 per/person [4+ clients]
per/person [2-3 clients]
[single client]

Our family outings provide a great opportunity to share Telluride’s wild beauty with your children. Your kids will get to engage in a variety of activities like tracking games, scavenger hunts and will learn how to identify plants and name mountains. There is no better way to share Telluride with your children and introduce them to the fun of hiking.

Multi-day Hiking Adventures 

Make your Telluride Hiking Adventure into a multi-day experience and sleep beneath the stars every night! Learn more about our backpacking and camping programs.

$175.00 per/person [4+ clients]
per/person [2-3 clients]
 [private trip]

If you’re interested in a semi-private day please ask about pricing and availability at the time of booking.