Are you ready to get off the resort and experience untracked powder in Telluride? If so, then you are in the right place. Telluride Adventures is prepared to take you on a backcountry skiing and snowboarding excursion you will never forget!

Backcountry Skiing and Snowboarding

backcountry skiing

The term “backcountry” refers to remote areas that are not monitored or patrolled. This means having amazing untouched turns right at your fingertips. In the San Juan Mountains that surround Telluride, backcountry skiing and snowboarding opportunities abound.


Lightweight skis or snowboards that are designed for long-distance uphill travel work best in the backcountry. Snowboarders often use splitboards that separate down the middle, allowing a rider to skin uphill. If not using a splitboard, snowboarders usually use snowshoes to hike while carrying their board in a backpack.


Equipment and education are particularly important for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Safety is our number one priority. Our full-day tours teach you the basics of backcountry travel. Expert guides will instruct you on equipment use and analysis, route finding, travel protocols, and avalanche awareness. A beacon, shovel, probe, and avi airbag are included with all tours.


We welcome skiers and snowboarders of all skill-levels to take-on awesome untouched powder throughout the Telluride region. Locations include (but are not limited to) the San Juan Mountains, Lizard Head Wilderness, Ophir, Alta Lakes, Rico, and Dunton areas.

Peak Descents

Are you looking for a summit? We can take you on a technical ascent and descent of a local peak. 

Backcountry Nordic Skiing

backcountry nordic skiing

Not an alpine skier? We can show you the thrill of the Telluride backcountry on cross-country skis instead. Our backcountry Nordic tours explore locations off the groomed tracks. With special backcountry skis, you’ll be able to navigate all types of terrain while enjoying fresh, deep snow. Both full-day and half-day tours are available.

Other Winter Adventures

Is backcountry skiing just not your thing? Don’t worry, we offer a variety of winter outings to accommodate everyone’s taste. Other options include:

Fat Tire Bike Touring: pedal through the snow on a bicycle with five inch wide tires.

Ice Climbing: we can’t stop saying it – there is nothing quite like climbing a frozen waterfall. 

Snowshoe Tours: appreciate the serenity of the mountains while learning about Telluride’s rich history.

The possibilities for adventure in Telluride are endless. Reach out to us today to arrange your unforgettable winter excursion!

COVID-19 Information

Your safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. Please review our COVID-19 Policies in advance of your booking. During this unprecedented time, we are unable to provide food or transportation for guests. Please bring a face covering and your own hand sanitizer on all excursions. We also request that you provide any applicable gear, if you have it. Your cooperation is appreciated as we navigate our way through these ever-changing circumstances. Please call us to discuss any questions or concerns. We look forward to adventuring with you!