Come Rock Climbing with Us!

Rock Climbing in Telluride

Our rock-climbing trips are the San Juan Outdoor School Adventures’ signature experience. Designed for all ages and abilities from 4 year olds to seasoned mountaineers, these outings give you the chance to try out your “spider” skills on real alpine rock.

We offer comfortable first-time climbing experiences for even our most timid guests. Our professional guides will instruct you in the use of harnesses, ropes, and technical-climbing equipment. You will explore the vertical realm with the assistance of a qualified guide.

We have teamed up with Life Feeling Photography, a U.S. Forest Service fully-permitted adventure photographer. Contact Matt Kroll at so you can go home with professional photos of your Telluride adventure.

Cracked Canyon
Ophir Wall
Society Turn
Bilk Creek
Falls Walls
Mill Creek
Clay Creek

Half-day – Full Day
Beginner – Advanced

Ropes, Helmets, Harness, Shoes

All Ages

Thrilling adventure!

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Full-day Rock Climbing Adventure

$185.00 per/person [4+ clients]
per/person [2-3 clients]
[single client]

Our full-day rock climbing adventures are the San Juan Outdoor School ‘s most popular trip. You will learn how to climb, belay and appropriately use technical equipment.

You will be responsible for providing your own food and beverage. We are offering transportation to the incredible Ophir Valley where we will embark upon an adventurous hike into an awesome rock wall canyon.

Half-day Rock Climbing Adventure

$150.00 per/person [4+ clients]
per/person [ 2-3 clients]
[ single client ]

Our half-day trips introduce you to the fundamentals of rock climbing without taking up your whole day. By limiting travel time to and from the crag, we are able to provide you with a chance to have a complete rock climbing experience in a short period of time.

Half-day Bouldering Adventure

$125.00 per/person [4+ clients]
per/person [2-3 clients]
 [single client]

In our bouldering clinics, you will have the chance to learn the skills and techniques of the climbing practice. Free from all the gear associated with vertical rock climbing, you will have the opportunity to more purely engage in the climbing aesthetic and learn how to practice safe bouldering on your own and with your friends. If you’d like, create a hiking-bouldering combination trip in the Bear Creek Canyon.

Technical Peak Ascents 

Use your rock climbing skills to ascend our region’s most prominent peaks. See the Mountaineering page for more information.

If you’re interested in a semi-private day, please ask about pricing and availability at the time of booking.