Whether it is your first time skiing in Telluride or whether you have been before, it is always a good idea to brush up on some basic skiing tips before your skiing adventure. Read on to learn more about skiing in Telluride, Colorado.

Equipment Rental

One of the first things to consider before your skiing trip is to determine where you will rent your equipment. Some more experienced skiers already own their own equipment, so if you fall within this category, you can skip this step. There are different rental locations in Telluride to rent equipment from, or you can also rent equipment online. Some of the skiing adventures that you can book at Telluride Adventures include rental equipment in the package, so be sure to ask when you are booking your adventure.

Lessons and Clinics

For new skiers, it is a good idea to complete some skiing lessons first before you go down your first slope. At Telluride Adventures, you have the option to partake in a skiing adventure that is accessible for beginners, as well as the choice to take on more difficult slopes. Starting with a clinic beforehand, or at least completing a skiing lesson, will help you get the most out of your skiing trip.

Adventure Guides

A major benefit of choosing Telluride Adventures for your skiing adventure is that you can also opt to have an adventure guide go along with you and the other skiers on your trip. Your adventure guide will help keep you safe during your trip and will also make sure that you are challenged according to your skill level.

Contact us today at Telluride Adventures to get your skiing adventure booked. We offer a wide variety of skiing adventure packages, so we are sure to have an experience that suits your needs!