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Home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, every trip into Telluride’s high country provides a different kind of adventure, each with elements of exquisite beauty.

Our peaks reach heights of over 14,000 feet, towering over millions of acres of pristine wilderness environs. The San Juan Mountains are considered by many experts to contain some of our country’s most ecologically intact mountain ecosystems, maintaining a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

San Juan Outdoor School trips venture into these areas with extreme care and respect for the natural surroundings. Our mountain staff is highly qualified and expertly trained in making these excursions fun, educational and low impact and they will provide you with a wealth of information about the Telluride area.

Telluride Colorado sunset view from the gondola.

Located in southwest Colorado’s breathtaking San Juan Mountains, Telluride is renowned for its authentic character and blend of culture and unpretentious attitude. Known as a destination for both winter and summer outdoor activities, the area serves up four seasons of fun. From incredible skiing and boarding to summers full of every kind of mountain exploration, Telluride serves up amazing experiences. Allow us to get you outside and see for yourself!

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