Thousands of years ago, snowshoeing was simply a means of transportation.  These days, snowshoeing has turned into a popular activity for recreation and fitness in the winter time.  A popular location is Telluride, Colorado.

Benefits of Snowshoeing

There are many positives to choosing snowshoeing as a winter activity.  If you are an avid hiker or runner, snowshoeing allows you to extend your season into winter.  You can enjoy the activity in solitude or you can partake in a group snowshoe and turn the sport into a social activity.  All ages and ability levels can participate together.

Another benefit to snowshoeing is that there is a short learning curve, especially when compared to other winter sports, such as snowboarding or skiing, as well as being an inexpensive winter activity.  All you need are snowshoes, appropriate clothing and footwear.  A pair of poles is optional.  It is a great work out, as it offers aerobic exercise that is low impact in order to help you stay in shape for the winter.

There are many trails that are too difficult for skiing due to a large number of trees or the snow conditions.  To continue your adventure on these trails, you can simply travel them by snowshoeing instead!

Snowshoe Types

There are three main types of snowshoes which are designed for different areas of land.  There are flat terrain snowshoes which are designed for ease of walking on terrain ranging from completely flat to rolling.  You can also purchase rolling terrain shoes, which are best for use on rolling to steep hills.  Finally, you have the option of purchasing mountain terrain snowshoes.  The mountain terrain snowshoes are designed for icy and steep terrain.

Telluride Adventures in Telluride, Colorado specializes in several different outdoor activities.  Visit Telluride Adventures to participate in snowshoeing adventures.  Be sure to call ahead to schedule your snowshoeing adventure during your next trip out to Telluride, Colorado.