Adventure: Via Ferrata in Telluride, Colorado | Getting Ready

A via ferrata (meaning “iron path”) is the name for a special, protected climbing route. There are various via ferratas all over the world, including in Telluride, Colorado. Climbing a via ferrata is an exciting adventure; and is something that can be done by those at all different skill levels. Preparing for Your Via Ferrata Adventure To prepare for your via ferrata adventure in Telluride, there are a [...]

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Three Things You Should Know About Via Ferratas

What is a Via Ferrata? A via ferrata (“iron way” in Latin) is a cross between scrambling and climbing.  Climbing a via ferrata requires minimal equipment.  Unlike other climbing paths, a via ferrata is a route that is marked by metal rungs and rails embedded into a mountain.  Via ferratas are typically easy to follow and make it possible to manage cliffs and ledges that would otherwise be [...]

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