Ice climbing is an activity for people who love adventure.  Those who partake in ice climbing tend to be extremely passionate about their chosen sport—as it involves a thrill of danger and excitement.

Ice Climbing as a Sport

The sport of ice climbing has evolved from rock climbing and other mountain climbing activities.  Rock climbers were forced to learn to navigate slippery and icy areas while climbing up a rock wall or climbing up a mountain.  Over time, these climbers began to create tools and gear specialized in order to get past these icy locations.  Eventually, some climbers set out to strictly participate in ice climbs.

The Birth of Ice Climbing

Ice climbing as a sport originated back in 1908.  At that time, a climber by the name of Oscar Eckenstein designed crampons, which are toothed claws, to fit in the bottom of his boot.  The crampons he designed allowed him to have traction on slippery ice.  Before he invented crampons, ice climbers were forced to use the method of step cutting, which involved cutting areas into the snow and ice with an axe or a pick as footholds in order to gain footing.

Ice Climbing in Today’s World

In the present day, there are several different tools and many options for safety gear available.  With these advances, ice climbing is now accessible for almost anyone.  There are many different options for ice climbing; an aspiring climber can begin with less strenuous ice climbs during the day in the sun, or a more experienced climber can do an advanced multi-day climb in extremely cold temperatures.  With proper training, nearly anyone can ice climb if they are in excellent cardiovascular fitness with a solid strength-to-weight ratio.

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