Cross-country skiing involves skiers relying on their own locomotion in order to ski across snow-covered terrains.  For cross-country skiing, there are no ski lifts or other types of assistance used.  Cross-country skiing is both a recreational activity and a sport, as well as a means of transportation.

Modern Cross-Country Skiing

Modern cross-country skiing is very much like the original form of skiing.  To partake in cross-country skiing, skiers propel themselves by striding forward in the classic style or by skate skiing, which is moving in a skating motion from side to side by using their arms to push on ski poles in the snow.  This type of skiing is typically practiced in areas with snow-covered landscapes.  Some areas where cross-country skiing is popular include Canada, Russia, Northern Europe, and certain regions in the United States, including Telluride, Colorado.

Competitive Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is also a competitive sport.  It is one of the Nordic skiing sports.  Cross-country skiing is one of the two components of the biathlon, with the other component being rifle marksmanship.  Additionally, ski-orienteering is another type of cross-country skiing.  Ski-orienting involves map navigation while skiing along tracks and snow trails.

Recreational Cross-Country Skiing

At resorts or parklands, adventurers can participate in recreational cross-country skiing.  Some forms of recreational cross-country skiing include groomed-trail skiing and ski touring.  This type of recreation is accessible for people with mobility and vision impairments.  Another form of cross-country skiing recreation involves dog skijoring.  Dog skijoring is a winter sport where the skier is assisted by dogs.

Another form of recreational cross-country skiing is ski touring.  Ski touring is typically available at ski resorts.  Contact Telluride Adventures if you will be in the Telluride, Colorado area and have an interest in cross-country skiing.  There are different ski tours available, so book yours today!